20 Unique Gifts Ideas for the Patio Lover

20 Unique Gifts Ideas for the Patio Lover

Gifts not only bring smiles and cheers on sad faces but can also change the life of the people you love. A gift carries emotions as well as feelings. Choosing one can be difficult so we have selected 20 unusual gift ideas for the patio lover that will save you a lot of time. You are sure to find something that you like within your budget.

For a photographer, a camera or a gift related to photography is best, for a reader, a good new book is best, similarly, for a patio lover, there are numerous patio gift ideas that one can choose.

 The gifting season has not quite begun but why not beat the crowds. If you have a patio lover in your life, you can bring a smile on their face with an unique outdoor gift that they will love.

Our selection under $20

1. Natural Citronella Candles:

Candles are a wonderful gift since everybody loves them!

And what if the said candles also repel mosquitoes and smell lovely? We call this a no-brainer!

Need more convincing? These candles are natural and free of toxic chemicals.

They also come in a beautifully decorated tin, so they are easy to move around and the tin can be reused. 

At less than $15 for the set of 4, it’s a definite winner!

2. Outdoor Cushions:

There’s nothing like colored cushions to add instant style to a patio or a porch.

Who doesn’t like cushions!?!

The ones we have selected come in several colors that will fit in any outdoor space.

At less than $20, It’s the perfect gift if you are on a budget.

3. Globe string lights:

Globe string lights are the best to light up the night in style. These are great to light the patio all year round and are a great gift idea for the patio lover.

String lights are very trendy but the high-quality ones can be pretty expensive, which is why it makes a great gift.

You can’t go wrong with this one. Anyone with an outdoor space needs more lights!

It’s a useful present which is sure to pleased. And this one starts at less than $20.

4. Inflatable Drink Holder:

These fun little drink holders will add a nice touch to any outdoor or pool party!

They are easy to inflate and can be taken at the beach or a picnic. 

This is a cute way to lighten up the mood.

At less than $15 for the pack 15, let’s spread the love around!

Our selection under $50

5. Waterfall Tabletop Fountain:

A water feature is the secret dream of anyone who owns a garden. What’s more relaxing than the sound of running water outside? Unfortunately, a permanent feature can be expensive.

That’s why the tabletop fountain is the perfect solution. The artistic design makes this fountain attractive and unique and will be a beautiful addition to the yard.

6. Trader Joe's Spice Seasoning

We can’t talk about the backyard without mentioning the barbecue.

If you want an original and thoughtful gift, what about gourmet spices?

It will make all the barbecue lovers in your life happy!

These delicious spices and seasoning are suitable for vegetarian and come in a gift box.


7. Retro Solar Lanterns:

These stunning retro solar lanterns will make any patio look magical!

They have a powerful solar panel and built-in battery that will light up for 8 hours once fully charged. 

These lanterns are very convenient as it doesn’t need any installation, it comes ready to go!

It will add a relaxing atmosphere to any outdoor space.

They come in different colors and are just a little over $25 for a pack of 2!

8. Drink Dispenser:

This beautiful beverage dispenser is the ideal gift for people who like to entertain!

With a capacity of 1 Gallon each, these stylish mason jars are perfect for any party. 

They come with a practical and sturdy metal stand, which make them perfect for the backyard.

At about $40 for the set of 2, it’s a gift that will turn heads!

9. Shade Sails:

Shading might not be on your mind during the holiday season, but it’s something every patio lover needs and loves.

These waterproof sails come in a variety of sizes and colors, so there’s one for any backyard.

It’s a thoughtful gift and the perfect combination of usefulness and style.

The price range is $23-$60, depending on the size.

11. Large Tower Game:

We couldn’t write about gifts without mentioning the kids so here’s one for them.

This giant garden game is sure to provide hours of fun and is the perfect addition to any garden. Even adults are sure to love this thing too!


10. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

For swimming pool owners, a pool float can be a priceless gift!

What makes the Wekapo a great choice is that it can also be used as a lounger, to chill by the pool.

We love that it comes in a carry bag and is lightweight and easy to inflate. No pump required.

It can be used for camping, the beach, festivals or any outdoor adventure.

You can choose from different colors and patterns.

The quality is awesome and at about $40, no surprise it’s the Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Our selection under $100

12. Solar Bird Feeder:

This beautiful solar bird feeder will make all the birds lovers sing with joy!

They come with a solar panel and will emit a beautiful colored light at night.

Each feeder is uniquely handmade with a stunning mosaic pattern .

The listed price is about $70 although it was a bit less than $50 at the time of writing.


13. Double Hammock:

It is a great present for a couple. What can be better than to snuggle in a hammock in a cold winter day?  It can be installed anywhere. Indoors in winter and outdoors in warmer days so it will be useful all year round.

It comes with a carry bag so it’s a fantastic addition to a vacation, at the beach or mountains.

It also comes in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to find one you like. A great patio gift that’s sure to please everyone.


14. Portable Drink Cooler:

This Drink Cooler is an ice cooler and is a great backyard gift for anyone who enjoys entertaining outdoors.

Its false rattan design would add a nice touch to any patio. It has handles which makes moving it around easy.

It’s super practical and durable. That’s guaranteed to be a huge hit at any party.

For less than $100, it’s a gift that is sure to impress!

15. Fire pit:

A fire pit is a nice addition to any patio and will be greatly appreciated. There’s no better way to create an inviting atmosphere than a fire.

The Innostage is the perfect choice because it’s smokeless and portable. Which means it can also be used for picnic or camping. A sure winner that will make happy the whole family!

It’s also very affordable at less than $70.

16. Planters:

This duo of wicker planters is the perfect gift for those who like plants.

Anyone with an outdoor space will appreciate this gift. It’s useful and beautiful and will fit well anywhere.

You are certain to make a woman happy with this gift.

And it costs just a bit more than $70.

17. Drone with camera

What could be better a better gift for the backyard than a drone?

‘Nothing!’ we hear you say.

This easy to use drone will provide hours of fun for all the family.

The high-definition 6K Dual Camera is taking stunning videos that you can transmit in real time to your phone. Your friends will be amazed when you share them on social media!

It’s suitable for beginners.

At less than $100, that’s what we call make dreams come true!

18. TIKI Torch with Bluetooth speaker:

These super stylish Tiki Torch will have people raving for a long time!

They come with a Bluetooth speaker, so you get two useful features for the price of one. Light and music.

Included is all you need to fix them on a wall if you want to. Just connect to your phone by Bluetooth and that’s it!

At about $50 for one and $80 for two, it’s a really great gift!

Our selection over $100

19. Patio Heater:

A patio heater might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘gift’.

But it’s the perfect gift for a patio lover!

There’s nothing more depressing than an unused patio in winter when it’s cold outside. The solution? A patio heater of course!

A patio heater will not only add warm and comfort to any backyard, it will also add style.

The one we selected is small and portable, which makes it very practical. It also looks very stylish.

This is an outdoor gift that  any patio lovers will love, trust me!

20. Rocking Chair:

As you know, there’s nothing women like more than changing the decor of our home now and then. There’s nothing like a new piece of furniture to make them happy. As you also know, it can be an expensive habit.

The good news? We found this gorgeous rocking chair at less than $120. It has a teak finish that makes it very stylish.

Rocking chair are also notorious to stimulate blood circulation and maintain the joints healthy. The relaxing rocking motion can also help people with insomnia to fall asleep.

 A great outdoor gift for the seniors or people who don’t get enough exercise.


I hope you enjoyed our gift ideas for the patio lovers and that you manage to make up your mind in time!

 If you found it useful, thank-you for sharing it with your friends and family.


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