5 Excellent Reasons To Build a Fire Pit Area This Year


5 Excellent Reasons To Build a Fire Pit Area This Year

 Are you looking for a new project in your backyard?


Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a fire pit area for the longest time but still haven’t made the plunge?


Building a permanent fire pit is a big investment. Also, the current concerns about fire hazards and smoke pollution can be a deal breaker.


The good news is that modern technology gives you the option to go for a more eco-friendly experience. You can replace wood with propane or invest in a modern fire pit with smokeless technology


There are also many portable options that can give you more flexibility. And reduce the price significantly.


So let’s see why you should get a fire pit in your backyard.

The Social Factor

The importance of fire in human evolutionary history is widely acknowledged. For early humans, fire was a life-saver. From warding off predators to facilitating cooking, nothing has played a greater part in human development. The social nexus and relaxation effects provided by campfires have enhanced prosocial behavior.

According to a study by Christopher Dana Lynn, fires provoke  consistent blood pressure decreases and prosociality.

The fact that we all love chatting around a fire is a direct result of evolution. And these ancient times when the fire was crucial to the survival of the tribe.

Sitting around a fire is relaxing and decreases anxiety. Moreover, it makes you prone to chatting and being more social than usual.

It creates the ideal cozy atmosphere to relax with your friends and family. It also creates intimacy which is perfect to snuggle with your significant other.

Light Up the Night

The wonderful thing about fire pits is that they provide light as well as warmth.

There is nothing as magical as a yard lit up with a fire. 

This wonderful glow makes you want to sit outside forever and enjoy the evening a lot longer.

Extend Your Home

As we’ve seen in the patio trends for the coming year, extending our home to the yard is becoming a new way of life.

People want to make the best of their outdoor space all year round.

A fire pit area can be used all year round. It’s the easiest way to add some life to your patio when the months are getting colder.

It’s the ideal focal point for an outdoor sitting area. Options are limitless to find the perfect fire pit sitting idea.


As well as creating a cozy atmosphere, wood fire pits have an intrinsic entertaining value.

First, you need to collect firewood, lighting the fire and keeping it alive. Then, roasting marshmallows or cooking sausages are all fun activities. This will promote collaboration and conversation.

It’s a bonding experience that works for all the family, including the kids and the teens.

Home Value

If you decide to build a permanent fire pit area, that will add instant value to your home.

But any fire pit area if you plan it well and make it cozy and private will add appeal and value. Any visitor will be charmed and irresistibly attracted to the garden.

Final Thoughts

Creating a special atmosphere in your backyard is as easy as adding a fire pit area.


Whether you go permanent or not will depend on your budget and your personal desires.


The great news is that you can now buy a simple fire bowl for less than $100 so you don’t even have to break the bank!


We would recommend choosing a smokeless wood fire pit.  That will keep the experience authentic without harming the environment.

You can read our selection of the best fire pits in 2022 if you wish.


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