8 Key Patio Trends You Want to Try in 2022

With the crazy times we’ve been living, no surprise people will want their outdoor space to be a haven of peace, relaxation and good times with family and friends.

The patio trends we’ve seen these last two years will continue to grow:

People will want to make the most out of their outdoor space, whether they have a huge backyard or a tiny balcony.

The focus will first be on human connections, with kid-friendly areas, intimate and comfy setting for deep conversations.

Sustainability, with natural materials, edible gardening and smarter energy consumption.

And finally practicability, with outdoor working-from-home spaces and gym areas.

The modern patio is a combination of harmony with naturemeaningful human connection and smart technology.

That’s exactly how we like it!

Human Connections

2022 is all about reconnecting with nature and having good times with our friends and family!

Your backyard is a sacred place where you will receive your close ones and you want it to be practical and comfy.

Whether you go with a full outdoor kitchen, a garden bar or a fire pit area depends on your available space and budget but make it cozy and inviting

Intimate Gathering Space

You can create several zones or garden rooms and make them unique by using lattice fences, a gazebo, a raised deckhedges, a stone wallgarden paths, and plenty of lush vegetation.

Kid-friendly Area

Make an outdoor room for the kids where they can get some screen-free time and fresh air. 

Depending on their age, it can be something as simple as a tent, a swing set, a trampoline or a complete playground like this one.

If you have teenagers, you can create their own garden room.

Involve them in the project by asking what they would like. Go shopping with them or even build something together!

I’m not sure what teenagers like these days, but maybe a private space to receive their friends and listen to some music.

Porch Pleasure

This year more than ever, people will want to make their porch an area where they can meet their friends for a coffee and a cozy chat

Porches, verandas and anything that extends your indoor space outdoors will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to mix style and color.

The important part is to use natural material, recycled products and even better if they are handmade!


To create a more sustainable way to live has become a priority for many of us and thankfully, this trend extends to our backyard.


No surprise here, people will turn more and more towards growing their own organic food and herbs

Container gardening is especially good as it requires less watering and you can move the containers easily if you want to. You can even do it on a tiny yard or a balcony.

For a permanent feature, you can use structural gardening and use gravel on the floor, which offers better permeability and flexibility.

It’s also better for drainage and good for planting in, as well as being an affordable choice. Both stone or wood can be used.

Reducing lawn surface is also a good move towards a more sustainable yard. Add perennials plants, gravel or wood pathways, a pond or a water feature, a rain garden, trees etc. The possibilities are endless to make your garden eco-friendly and low maintenance. 

We will see a growing interest for native plants, natural fertilizers, and pollinators and wildlife-friendly gardens, which are all fantastic news for the planet. 

Xeriscaping will also continue to grow in popularity.

Natural Materials

People go back to nature with stone, wood and rope furniture. Even better if they are recycled or hand-made. 

The Bohemian style is all the rage so have fun! From contrasting patterned rugs, colorful cushions and throws and low furniture, be decadent, you deserve it!

The cat is optional 😄

Smart Garden

Thanks to modern technology, there are many ways to make your backyard smarter and more energy efficient.

To save electricity, you can use solar lighting, smart bulbs and smart plugs. If you have a pool, you can get a solar panel heater and a smart pool timer to regulate the pump. 

To save water, you can install a sprinkler controller with Wi-Fi paired with a rain and soil sensor to make it even smarter.

To save time, consider an automatic lawn mower or pool cleaner. Those are still pretty expensive but are a huge time saver. 

To increase safety, you can use a smart security system or if your budget is smaller a smart security camera and solar motion sensors lights.

A popular device is a smart weather station. These systems keep an eye on climate conditions right where they sit and they can track local rainfall, wind, air pressure, even UV levels in real time. Paired with your smart sprinkler and smart home system, it’s a powerful way to adjust everything in your home to real time conditions. 

For outside entertaining, you can get smart waterproof speakers, Wi-Fi projector and a Wi-Fi extender. 

Use apps to make the most of your garden. Apps like SmartPlant help you identify plants. You can personalize the app by adding the specific plants you have in your garden and the app will notify you of their requirements. They have a free option and 2 subscription levels.

Or the Garden Planner app that keeps track of your progress and gives you advice for improvement. You take photos outside, then upload along with written notes right from your mobile or tablet device. You can record when you planted or last watered, diagnose problems and see how much you’ve harvested.

The subscription is $29 a year but it’s a great way to involve the kids!


The modern backyard is practical. People want to use it all year round.


With the Covid restrictions, many people have been forced to work from home for a long period of time. 

According to current predictions, the trend for future work is toward a hybrid model, combining both remote and in-person workflows.And many workers want it that way.

In what’s been dubbed the “Great Resignation,” a staggering 95% of workers are considering changing jobs. One of the primary drivers of this resignation? A desire for the increased flexibility of remote work.

If it’s true, it’s probably time to invest in a backyard office

You can opt for a permanent structure, a prefab shed or a cute little pod. The prices vary greatly so you need to plan it carefully.

Fitness and Well-Being

During the lockdowns, our backyard has become the only source of relaxation and nature time for many of us. 

Looking after our physical and mental well-being is more important than ever during these challenging times.

Why not create your own outdoor gym or dojo? Where you can exercise, meditate or practice a Yoga or a Qi Gong class. You can even invite some friends!

Depending on the climate where you live, you might want to create a covered room.

So What Do You Think?

We have just seen the trends we can expect in 2022 and beyond.

The patio will become an extension of the home with it’s own “rooms” for all the family. 

People will become more and more choosy about what they consume and they will choose sustainable products that can save them money while being kind to mother nature. 

For the first time in history, we are going to witness the great shift when we finally use technology in an eco-friendly way. 

And it’s fantastic news!


Make your outdoor smarter and more energy efficient.

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