Best Home Weather Station Reviews

Best Home Weather Station Reviews

Real-Time Alert

Accurate Forecasting

Protect your home from weather damage

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Ambient Weather WS-2902C


Integrates in your Smart Home.

Ease of Use

No hassle installation and setup.

Good Value

You get more for your money.

Other options

Newentor Weather Station

The best budget.

Netatmo Weather Station

Smart and elegant.

Ambient Weather WS-5000

For gardeners or weather enthusiasts.

Are you wondering if a home outdoor weather station is worth it? The short answer is yes. For a start, it will provide more accurate data than the weather app on your phone.

When you want to plan a garden party, getting data from weather instruments miles away isn’t reliable. Nobody likes having their party ruined by an unexpected storm!

The great thing is that home weather stations are becoming more affordable. And more sophisticated.

In this article, we will review the 4 best home weather stations options in 2022.

Discover below which home outdoor weather station will fit your needs and budget.

What is a home weather station?

A weather station is a simple gadget capable of displaying current  temperatures. Both indoor and outdoor. A weather station usually comes with one or more sensors which you can place inside or outside. You can read the data on the display station which is left inside.

The budget options will detect and display temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. While the  high-end products will provide much more data. For example, wind speed, UV index, rain measurements and soil moisture.

Some weather stations are able to predict future weather conditions. So they can alert users from approaching storms or give ice warnings, for example.

Generally speaking, the amount of features and capabilities it has determines its price.

What are the benefits of a home weather station?

Before you decide how much you wish to invest, let’s take a look at the benefits you can expect.

Accurate Local Data

The main benefit of a home weather station is that you get readings straight from your own backyard. Not from instruments located miles from your home.

Besides, some stations can connect to a local weather station. Hence the much better forecast than with a classic weather app.

So you will know exactly when you need to carry an umbrella to go out or if you can invite your friends to a BBQ.

Real-Time Alerts

Another benefit of ultra-local data is the alerts in real-time. Thus, you’ll know when the weather is changing for the worst.

You’ll get a notification straight on your phone. That’s useful when an unexpected storm is coming. You can turn off the sprinkler system, put your belongings back to safety and cancel that BBQ party!

Easy To Use

The weather stations we have selected are easy to install and use.
Programming the app might be a little more challenging. Specifically if you go for a high-end product with many sensors.
It’s worth making this initial effort for all the useful info you’ll get in the future.

Smarter Home

Another great feature of weather stations  is how you can integrate them into your smart home. At least from the mid-range options.

The data you receive in real-time will help you better control your environment. That will help you to save electricity and water.

Temperature is rising? Turn off the heating! Rain is coming? Cancel the sprinkler system program! Sun is out? Close the blinds to keep your home cool!

How much does a weather station for your home cost?

If you need only basic data, like temperatures and humidity, you can find a weather station for less than  $30. The accuracy is not going to be great for this price though.

If you want something with a bit more data, you can expect to pay between $140 and $200.

If you’re a real weather enthusiast or a gardener, you might want to look into the high-end models. They start from around $300 up to over $1.000.

We have selected for you our top 4 home outdoor weather stations.

Let’s start with the reviews…


Ambient Weather WS-2902C



Ambient Weather is one of the most popular brands of home weather stations. The reason is simple, they offer more features for the price and a wide range of smart integrations.

Let’s dive into what you can expect.


We like the large 3-inch by 6.75-inch, easy-to-read LCD color display even if it’s pretty basic. 

Its best feature is the broad array of data you will get. 

  • Wind speed, 
  • wind direction, 
  • rainfall, 
  • UV, 
  • solar radiation, 
  • barometric pressure, 
  • indoor/outdoor temperature (F and C), 
  • indoor/outdoor humidity, 
  • dew point,
  • heat index, 
  • wind chill, 
  • moon phase, 
  • time and date,
  • weather forecast,
  • rainfall.

Another great feature is the ability to view data on the device of your choice

Protecting your home from the elements has never been easier!

Note that it supports both imperial and metric units.

The sensor array’s primary power source is a solar panel that charges the super-capacitor. There is also an  optional battery backup (batteries not included).

It means that you don’t need a power source nearby and that you don’t need to worry about a power outage.


The sensor array connects to the console via RF (915 MHz). The range is 330 feet in the open air and 100 feet under most conditions.

The console connects to your router (2.4 GHz). If you have a dual-band router, you might want to consider another device. Some users have reported connection issues.

The  Ambient Weather Network  gives you real-time hyperlocal weather data.  It connects to the world’s largest personal weather station network, Weather Underground. Besides WeatherCloud and WeatherBug.  And it’s free.


Ambient Weather integrates with :

  • IFTTT, 
  • Amazon Alexa, 
  • SmartThings, 
  • Home Assistant, 
  • Weather Underground, 
  • PWSWeather, and more.

They also have a powerful API for programmers.

It means you can ask for your weather report to Alexa or Google Assistant. Moreover, you can control other devices, like blinds, rain gauges, and lights.

It’s also compatible with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. That’s perfect to control better  your water consumption.


The Ambient weather station is pre-assembled. You only need to attach the wind vane, anemometer cups, and the rain gauge funnel.

It’s very straightforward if you follow the user’s manual.

This video will show you exactly what to do :

Installation requires an iPhone, iPad, or Android to program the device. It’s done through the AmbientTool application. Which is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
The sensor array mounts to any pole between 1.25 and 2″ diameter. It comes with an adaptive mounting bracket and U-Bolt design.
The pole is not included in your purchase.


It comes with a 5V DC adapter.
You will need 3 x AAA alkaline or lithium non-rechargeable batteries for the console. And 2 more for the outdoor sensor array. They are not necessary but recommended.
You can add up to 8 optional thermo-hygrometer sensors or temperature probes. That’s useful if you want to check different areas of your home or backyard. Extra sensor costs $25 apiece.
And you can also add two air quality sensors. ($99)
You will need to buy a pole mount if you don’t already have one. ($30)

Our Verdict

The Ambient Weather WS-2902C is not the cheapest home weather station in the mid-range category. But as I have said, it gives you a lot more value for your money than other brands.   You’re getting more features, a better build and a much better smart home connectivity. Ambient Weather also provides a 1-year limited warranty on this product.   If you want a good home weather station without paying a premium price, that’s the one you should get.


Ambient Weather WS-2902C

Newentor Weather Station

If you want to check your environment without spending a fortune, the Newentor is made for you.

What you get

A breeze to set up and use, you will appreciate the large easy-to-read LCD display. The no-nonsense information you get is easy to understand.

It also gives barometric pressure, moon phase, and weather forecast. What’s more? It doubles as an atomic clock and alarm and even has a charging USB for your phone!

All this for less than $50 makes it a good value home station.
We also like that you can connect 3 remote sensors on the same device. That’s ideal if you want to monitor the baby’s room, the greenhouse, or the swimming pool area. Keep in mind that only one sensor is included and you’ll need to pay an extra $20 for each extra sensor.
The screen comes with a power charger cord but you’ll need 2 x AA batteries for backup. The remote sensor also needs 2 x AA batteries. (Not included)
Note: This station is fairly accurate for the price but it will lose accuracy if it’s freezing outside.


  • inside outside temperature,
  • humidity(max/min, hi/lo), 
  • customizable alerts, 
  • time/date, 
  • alarm clock/snooze, 
  • weather forecast (next 8-24 hrs) 
  • moon phase,
  • barometric pressure.

Our Verdict

Best budget weather home station you can find on the market. You’ll love it if your expectations are reasonable for such a cheap product.

Newentor Weather Station

Netatmo Weather Station

If you want a weather station that fits into your smart home, the Netatmo is what you are looking for.  It looks elegant and is simple to use.


  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • barometric pressure, 
  • CO2,
  • noise  forecast.


  • Alexa,
  • Apple Home Kit,
  • Google Assistant,
  • Weathermap,
  • GARDENA Smart System,
  • Conrad Connect,
  • Enki,
  • IFTTT and more.


  • Rain gauge ($80)
  • Anenometer ($100)
  • Additional module ($80)

What you get

It’s a great device to add to your smart home without adding a digital display or a cumbersome outdoor module.

For someone who wants to control its environment remotely and without fuss

The rain gauge is an extra $80 and the anemometer at  $100. Extra module is another $80. 

It’s super easy to use, doesn’t require installation and looks very elegant

As it’s a very popular product, it also offers a great smart home connectivity.

Our Verdict

Very expensive for the little data you get. If you add the rain gauge, the anemometer and one extra module, you get the price of a high-end station. Only for those who need simple data, great connectivity and no display.

Netatmo Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-5000

This is the high-end version of the WS-2902C that we have reviewed above.

You get all the features of the WS-2902C plus these extra.

Extra Features

  • Moonrise & Moonset,
  • Sunrise & Sunset.

Extra Sensors

  • lightning detection, ($66)
  • soil moisture, ($33)
  • leak alarm. ($33)

What you get

It includes a revolutionary ultrasonic anemometer. It is more sensitive to changes in wind speed and direction. Also it transmits faster than traditional wind cup designs.
The range is 1000 feet line of sight in open air (300 feet under most conditions). Instead of 330/100 for the WS-2902C.
The extra-large rain cup ensures better accuracy.
The data is updated every 4.9 seconds instead of 16.
You get a better build, better accuracy and better connectivity.
It’s also a stand alone which means you can place it closer to the ground.
You can expect to pay $260 more than the WS-2902C.

Our Verdict

The WS-5000 is not the most accurate of the high-end stations. But, it offers much better smart home connectivity and remote monitoring. And as you know, at Beautiful Patio, we love anything smart! Only for those who are serious about the weather or their gardening.

Ambient Weather WS-5000

Let's recap

Ambient Weather WS-2902C

Newentor Weather Station

Netatmo Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-5000

So What home weather station should you buy?

It would depend on your needs and your budget.

If you need basic information and no integration, the Newentor could work for you.

If you need basic information and integrations, the Netatmo will fit nicely into your smart home.

If you prefer more data and integration, you have to choose one of the Ambient Weather. The WS-2902C is the best value for your buck. The WS-5000 is perfect if you are a gardener or really keen on weather data.


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