Porch swings are the ultimate sign of bliss and peace in all homes, whether they are urban, suburban or rural. They provide so much fun for little kids and relaxing adults and teenagers with their books.

Why make a custom DIY porch swing? Benefits and Awesome Ideas

Porch swings come with a lot of great ideas. Whether you put the outdoor swing under a tree, on its own free standing swing rack, or hang it from your porch roof, it’s beautiful and comfy and cozy.

  • Greet the morning with hot cocoa or iced lemonade. You can curl up with a soft blanket and watch the sunrise over the horizon. Talk about peace, no matter what comes next in your day.
  • Spend times with the birds, the sunshine, and the fresh air while you read. This is a great way to get both health benefits and mind enrichment at the same time.
  • You can customize your porch swing into any shape, softness, and color you want. Really go wild in planning the exact, comfortable fit for every member of your family.

Always use outdoor fabric and stuffing when planning cushions or stuffed seats for your swing. Also, remember to keep your first design simple, so that you’re inspired to improve and build a new more customized one in a few months if you want to.

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What you need to get started (Tool Recommendations)

You’ll need a few materials as your base starting point. Here are some tool and materials recommendations and advice:

  • Wood Pallets or 2x4s are great beginner materials.
  • Drills and screws are more reliable with outdoor wood than hammers and nails.
  • Miter saws will be needed to get the exact measurement, cut and angle correct for each project.
  • Outdoor Wood Treatment (add this to your wood first) will protect your wooden creations from insects, seepage, water, and warping.
  • Outdoor All-Weather Paint (cover with this second) will add bright colors and long-last wear to your fun wooden project.
  • All-Weather, Clear-Coat Varnish (put this on last) will add the perfect shiny touch which will be smooth and hard and protect your wood and colors even more.
  • Rope for hanging, knotting, and swinging, of course.
  • Eye-bolts and Swivel Hooks for attaching the rope to the swing and the rope to the ceiling or the beam of the free-standing rack.

Project suggestions

  1. Outdoor Family Bed Swing hanging from a Free-standing Rack

Put together some wooden palettes, coat them with all-weather varnish and paint, and then glue all-weather outdoor furniture cushions to the large bed.

Screw in eye-bolts to all four corners of the bed. Next, build a large, wooden, free-standing rack which is both really tall (for high swinging) and really wide (for safety and stability). Anchor this to the ground in some way to make it even more secure. Screw in eye-bolts at the bottom of the rack.

Loop rope through the rack eye-bolts and knot securely. Keeping the bed perfectly level, hang the bed about two-feet off the ground. Adjust the rope until it is perfectly level on all sides and corners.

  1. Brightly Colored Circular Reading Nook hanging from a Swivel Ceiling Hook

Take a leaf from the popular cloth cushioned reading pods which hang from the ceiling, only give yourself more headroom and make it more sturdy.

Use a nice barrel design to create a cozy pod that you can sit in with plenty of room. Make sure the sides are straight up and down so that your head doesn’t have to bend over and make sure that the floor of the seat is very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.

Suspend this barrel pod from the corner of your porch roof with a swivel ceiling hook. Place loose cushions inside so that each individual can position them however they want. Install a small electrical cord which runs down the rope and inside where it’s attached to a warm, cozy reading light.

  1. A Jumping-Off Raised Porch Swing for the Kids

Kids love to jump off porch swings and this is a great way to get them really active and excited about being outdoors at a very early age. Position your traditionally-built, wooden porch swing near the edge of the porch, facing outward. On high porches, but a gym cushion on the ground underneath it. For low and medium porches, this won’t be a problem.

Make sure your kids are already good at jumping off the porch itself before they try to do it from the swing.

  1. A Dual-Tier Stand-Up Swing hanging from a Free-standing Rack

This is like a tire swing but make out of a rectangular wood design with two levels of footholds on both sides so that kids can all pile on and swing from it. First, run the rope through the bottom of the rack, and then up two or three other holes in the rack, so that it doesn’t flap wildly back and forth when your kids get on. The rest is just a straight, pallet design with horizontal planks running along both sides.

Are you ready to get started?

Porch and outdoor swings are wonderful and they are great way to get your creative, woodworking juices flowing.

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