Uuni 3 Pizza Oven: Best Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven?

You’ve done the traditional tailgater barbecue and it was fun. But everyone is on the act now and you’d like to do something different this football season.

What would be a good game day treat for this season?

How about cooking real wood-fired pizzas to go along with those ice-cold artisan brews that you’ve packed? It’s so easy with the Uuni 3 outdoor pizza oven. In 60 seconds you could turn out hot, tasty pizzas and be wowing the crowd just like your favorite team.


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What’s the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

The Uuni 3 is the latest version of the popular Kickstarter funded wood pellet pizza oven made by Uuni. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here

You can make Neapolitan style pizzas in as little as 60 seconds just about anywhere. And that’s not all. Because of Uuni’s fast, high heat, It’s great for cooking many other foods too.

It has several improvements and modifications over the Uuni 2S that the manufacturer said were directly the result of customer comments. We’ll talk about those in a moment.

With just a few parts to remove, the Uuni quickly becomes a portable pizza oven making it great for tailgating, the beach or the park. The three-legged design makes it great for setting up on uneven surfaces.

What’s in the Box

  • Uuni 3, pellet fueled woodfired oven
  • Uuni Stone Baking Board made of 100% cordierite stone
  • Uuni Pizza Peel
  • Manual and safety instructions

  • Uuni Pizza Peel
  • NOTE: wood pellets Do Not come with the stove, so be sure to buy some when ordering the unit. The unit doesn’t come with a cover, but there is a form fitted one available that becomes a handy carrying bag. Both are listed below.

    What Can You Expect?



    Fast heating

    The whole unit gets extremely hot

    Fast cooking

    Largest pizza size is 12 inches

    Relatively Light weight

    Door isn’t hinged

    Easy to assemble

    Flame guard on stone is easy to knock off

    Very portable

    Cheap, environmentally friendly fuel

    First Off, How Does It All Work?

    It requires some minor assembly. For most users, it took about 10-15 minutes. The 3 legs on the Uuni 3 fold out and, according the manufacturer, make the unit more stable. The chimney clamps on the top. It’s designed to be removable, making the oven transportable.

    Once assembled, fill up the pellet tray and box. The pellets can be fired up using a torch, gel or paraffin packs, Tumbleweeds Fire Starters or lighter fluid.

    Tip: Make sure you put the hopper cap back on before trying to light them otherwise you will never get them fully started.

    Uuni’s preferred method of lighting the Uuni oven is to use a torch. Poke the lit nozzle of the torch through the port on the right-hand side of the tray to light the wood pellets. They’ll be burning and ready to heat the oven in about 60 seconds.

    Once lit, you’ll be ready to start cooking after a 10 minute or so warmup. Because the Uuni is a wood fired pizza oven, it runs at a very high heat which means there will be some flare ups. Make sure you have plenty of clearance around it.

    The cooking is done by drafting the flame and heat over the top of the pizza and stone and out the chimney.

    Tip: When making your pizzas, make them smaller than 13 inches so that they can fit through the doorway.

    Now, slide the pie all the way to the back of the oven and put the front cover on.

    Baking your pizza

    Once the pie is in don’t take your eyes off it, you’re going to need to turn it in about 30 seconds. The reason for this is that high temperature I mentioned – 932°F/500°C. It will keep you on your toes.

    Depending on how you make your pizzas, you’ll need to experiment with time because there’s no real way to accurately regulate the heat and flame.

    Don’t be discouraged as it’s going to take a little practice to master the pizza oven, but you’ll get it down in no time.

    When they say a pizza cooked in 60 seconds, they mean it!

    Putting the fire out

    Once you’re done cooking with the Uuni, you can let the pellets burn down to a small pile of ash that can be thrown away or used as a fertilizer (check with your plant specialist).

    If you’d rather not wait until they burn down, you can remove the grate on the pellet tray and dump the embers into a metal bucket of water. Make sure that you’re wearing a heatproof glove when pulling out the hot pellet tray.

    Let the oven cool completely before cleaning or handling the oven.

    Fun Fact: Uuni means oven in Finnish

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    Here Are the Standard Features of the Uuni 3 pizza oven

    Same as the Uuni 2S:

    Brushed Stainless steel body for a lighter weight cooking environment

    Cordierite ceramic pizza stone for even cooking of the dough

    Uses wood pellets for efficiency and woody flavoring

    Wood handles to protect your hands from high heat

    Removable chimney for portability

    Improvements and additions to the Uuni 3:

    Heats up in as little as 10 minutes

    Reaches a temperature of 932°F/500°C

    The Uuni 3 oven roof is insulated for better heat efficiency

    Better temperature control and more consistent cooking with the newly designed pellet feeder

    Better mounting for the front heat deflector. It’s easy to knock off in the Uuni 2S.

    A cooking stone mounted rear heat deflector

    Three-legged design for stability on uneven surfaces

    What Kind of Fuel Does It Use?

    The Uuni uses wood pellets that are an inexpensive and sustainable energy source for its fire. The manufacturer recommends using 100% natural hardwood food grade pellets. This way, you avoid the chemicals and binders that are found in the cheaper alternatives.

    One user’s recommendation was to use the Uuni branded pellets because they will burn cleaner and last a little longer. They are made from 100% American Oak.


    The manufacturer states that their pellets are optimized for neutral flavor, high temperatures and sized especially for the Uuni wood fired pizza oven.

    You can use other pellets like the Traeger brand for smokers or any alder or oak pellet. Don’t use Mesquite or hickory as the flavor will be too intense for the pizza.

    You’ll need about 3 cups of pellets to get going. Once the heat is up and you’re cooking, it takes about a cup per pizza as you go. You may use more if you use the following suggestion:

    One user recommends letting the pellets burn down about halfway and then pop the pizza in to cook. In his experience, he’s found that helps keep the flame from scorching the pizza and gives the pie a nice smoked woody taste.

    You’ll get about 50 pizzas per 20 pounds of pellets.

    Can I Use Propane in the Uuni 3?

    At the time of the writing of this article, the Uuni 3 pizza oven doesn’t use propane. However, the company does say a propane conversion unit will soon be available. If you’re an Uuni 2S owner, the conversion is supposed to work for you as well.

    How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Pizzas?

    Figure about 4-5 minutes between pies to allow the heat to recover to the right temperature. Opening the door lets a good amount of heat out, so make sure to close it up between batches. Also consider the minute or so to let the pellets burn down.

    If you put the pizzas together beforehand, you can save creation time. Keep them covered so they don’t dry out.  

    Can I Use this in a Commercial Setting?

    You might be able to if you keep an eye on the fuel. The problem is that the Uuni burns the pellets pretty quickly, so you need to keep feeding the pellet box.

    If you keep feeding the pellets at the right rate and amount to be continuously burning, you should be able to turn out the pizzas fairly quickly. But it is a small outdoor pizza oven, so keep that in mind when planning events.

    Here are the measurements and weight if you’re going to be moving it around:

    • Shipping weight is 24.3 pounds

    • Assembled weight is 22 pounds

    • Assembled, it measures 8.6” x 14.1” x 29” (HxWxL) add 17” to the height for the removable chimney

    What Else Can I Make in a Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

    Like most of the available pizza ovens, just about anything you can fit through the opening and still be able to close the door. In the case of the Uuni 3, its high temperatures are perfect for flat breads, seafood, meat, and vegetables as well as pizza.

    Reading through some of the Amazon reviews, you’ll see some people leaving recipes for cooking steaks and other foods with the Uuni 3.

    Here’s a good, user recommended pizza book to check out on Amazon. Peter Reinhart’s “American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza”

    What’s the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Cleaning Routine?


    The cleaning is easy really. Wipe the housing down with a rag once it’s cooled off. Dump out the pellet tray when the pellets are burned to ash.

    Tip: Treat the cooking stone with care. Let it cool completely if you plan on cleaning it. Don’t stick it under cold water when hot or it could crack. If you’re going to wash it, use warm water only. The stone is porous so don’t use detergent or soap. It could absorb the liquid leaving a bad taste.

    But know that it’s not required that you wash it. Most users just brush or scrape off the loose burnt stuff. Then let the high heat burn anything else off. The Pizzacraft Pizza Stone Brush is a good brush to use:

    Any Tips or Tricks to Getting My Best Pie?

    We’re talking about cooking here, so you can bet there are a bunch of little things to make the food better tasting and easier to make.

    Use a thin crust for your pie. Here’s a good pizza dough recipe to start out with from the New York Times.

    Go easy on the toppings as they won’t cook as fast as the dough. This is typical of outdoor pizza ovens. You can lift the pizza up toward the oven roof with the peel to take advantage of the flame to do further cooking. Not too long though, it could burn the top.

    Turn the pie every 30 seconds or so to cook it evenly. Keep the door closed as the pie is cooking to keep temps up. If you follow the recommendation of letting the pellets burn down, you may find you will need to rotate less often. Remember to experiment to find your time.

    Use corn meal on the peel to help the pizza slide off quickly onto the stone. Try not to use flour as it sometimes burns on or sticks.

    Brush or scrape off the stone every 2nd or 3rd pizza to avoid any burnt taste.

    Keep the oven closed when prepping pies in between. This helps keep the internal temperature up.

    If you’re making batches of pizza and you need to add pellets because they’re low, fill up the hopper and then let them burn down part way again.

    Do I Have to Do Anything Special with the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

    Because it’s wood fired, make sure you have plenty of clearance around the Uuni.

    Wear heatproof gloves when handling the pellet box.

    Keep the oven out of the wind for better cooking results.

    Turn that pizza every 30 seconds.

    What’s the Warranty Period?


    The Uuni 3 comes with a one-year warranty covered by the manufacturer. They can be contacted here:


    Register your Uuni 3 here: https://docs.google.com/a/uuni.net/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdz4bOQ5i5JSuxuPixVboCtSNFvsPdVc6IirG7L5OG60PP3EA/viewform?entry.1489379612&entry.966239644&entry.826618591&entry.1191328874&entry.1518579288=Yes,+please

    There is a 30 day return and refund policy as well. You can read about it here: https://uuni.net/pages/returns-and-refunds

    Any Concerns to Be Aware of?

    Make certain you don’t have anything flammable around the pizza oven. The whole box, including the chimney, get extremely hot. You will also occasionally get flame coming out of the chimney and the pellet box if the wind is blowing through the open door.

    Don’t move the Uuni 3 oven until it’s completely cooled down.

    Uuni 3 Pizza Oven



    Extras That Make Outdoor Cooking Better

    We suggest you invest in the following Amazon Best-Selling tools to make life with your pizza oven a little easier and cleaner.

    Because the peel that comes with the unit is basically a sheet of stainless steel without a handle, buy a standard peel with a handle. The Kitchen Supply 12-Inch x 14-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle is our choice.

    This will give you little more control when you’re spinning the pizza. You’ll be less apt to burn yourself and it will make it a simple thing to slide the pizza in the oven. It also helps when you rotate the pizza so that it will bake evenly.

    To keep track of the temperature of the pizza stone, the Etekcity Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer does a great job. It measures up to 1022°F letting you stand a bit back from the oven. It’s the #1 Best-seller on Amazon. 

    For faster lighting of the pellets, the Pro Plus torch from Iwatani is a good performer. You can adjust the flame shape and strength for extra control. The flame trigger allows one handed control and makes lighting and extinguishing the flame safe and easy.

    Keep your hands safe with a pair of Bluefire Pro heat resistant gloves. They’re certified to withstand heat up to 932°F. They give forearm protection too. Just in our ballpark, right?

    The Uuni 3 Cover/Bag will cover the Uuni 3 while the chimney is attached. Great if you need to leave it outdoors but want it to be protected.

    Turn it into a convenient carry bag by pulling the chimney cover through the bag. Flip the bag over. Remove the chimney and front door and stow them with the oven in the bag. Pull the handles together and you’re Uuni and you are ready to go.

    Then, when it comes to cooking other foods, here are a couple of useful pans that will fit in the Uuni.

    Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Quarter Sheet

     Lodge Logic Square Skillet

    Where Can I Buy the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven?

    The Uuni 3 pizza oven can be found at larger BBQ and outdoor cooking stores and sporting goods stores. It’s also available here directly from the manufacturer at Amazon. You can take advantage of Amazon’s great customer service as well as FREE shipping. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, get FREE 2-day shipping.

    Ok Then, What’s the Final Word?

    A quick, easy and fun change to your standard outdoor cooking, the Uuni 3 is a sure crowd pleaser. It’s not light weight, but making pizzas in 60 seconds makes you forget all about that. It’s easy to take apart if you want to pack up and go. This would make a great gift – either for you or a loved one who thinks cooking outdoors is the only way to go. If you love the outdoors and pizza, the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven is serious and delicious fun for all.

    If you think it’s not the right choice for you, check out our full selection of outdoor pizza oven by clicking here.

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